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Scrapping A Car Detailed Guide

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What is a Scrap Car?

By a twist of evil fate, a car shatters in an accident and turns into a piece of junk, or it gets old and emits poisonous gases and pollutes the environment, or it is unused for a long time and not in an active state. Such a car will be declared a scrap car by the law.

If your car is declared scrap, you have no right to legally drive it on the road unless you’ve to renew your Registration Certificate (RC) and go through absolute maintenance. Scrapping is cutting the car into pieces and recycling it by an authorized dealer. Here we will point out the things you should remember before scraping. 

What is a Registration Certificate (RC), and how to submit it? 

In India, the authority issues a Registration Certificate to all private vehicles valid for 15 years, and the car remains in reasonable condition during that time. The owner can renew his RC to continue driving. But if your vehicle turns into the garbage or you cannot move, it’s advised to go for scrap.

 Because it will be good, it improves road safety and reduces pollution. The owner will inform and submit the original RC to the RTO to keep the historical record. 

How to go for scrap step-by-step

     Suppose you’re living in Delhi or any part of India. You’ll find many scrap dealers in your town. All you’ve to do is check that all of them are government certified and have authorized Scrap Yards. You can Google them. Please list dealers and call them one by one for better rates for your vehicle. 

After satisfaction, go to your Regional Transport Office(RTO) to inform and rule out any insurance claims, thefts, etc. Make sure that your vehicle is eligible for scrapping as per law. 

How to deregister your car?

Take a copy of RC and keep the original document. After calling the dealer, the vehicle will come out to lift your car. After reaching, the authorized scrapper will hand over the Engine Plate and the photos of the scrapped car. But, it is advise to watch the scrapping process in front. You gave up to RTO to get a “certificate of vehicle scrapping.

    As per the latest Indian Government Policy, the scrapper will keep the car’s chassis number for six months before destroying it. He will upload it to the VAHAN database, and the vehicle will be unlisted. It’s vital to deregister so the car can’t be misused or resold. Always check that the scrapper is registered and legalized. 

How much will you get?

   It is essential to finalize the dealer’s money calculation, when you dismantle the car. 

If your car is completely useless, it will sell for its iron weight. Typical rates lie in RS 15-20 per Kilogram, And if it is in an active condition, you can get a significant amount for selling its parts. But before, you have to clear the deal.

What If your car is in Working Condition and you have a mind to scrap it? 

   If you send the car into a junkyard and the car is in good shape. Then it is strongly advised to put your car on the rack, remove all plugs, and pull out the fluids. Check the interior; if it is in the best condition, pull it and keep it. Obviously, it will benefit you in the future.

 If the car has LED headlights or any other valuable lights, it takes hardly 5 minutes to remove them. And they’re worth much. Please don’t be lazy; it can be a good deal for you because the car will go on trash prices. You can easily pull the parts by spending a few hours and selling them reasonably.

Final Words 

Hopefully, this content is enough to give you the best guidance. Don’t be late to get facilitated. 

So let’s concentrate to get some profit. Always avail of the opportunities and have high intelligence. 

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