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Petrol Car v/s Diesel Car

When you’re ready to buy a brand new car, the first question must arise in your mind, and there must be hesitation about whether to go for a petrol variant or a diesel car. 

   However, both are good for driving. The main thing you need to focus on is; your uses per day or month. But, let’s discover which one will be best for you. 

Fuel Efficiency

   Usually, diesel engines are 15-20% more efficient than petrol. Let me be clear: If one-liter diesel burns, it will produce more energy and give you torque, but the petrol will not show much efficiency, so if you’re interested in the mileage of a fuel. Go for a diesel engine.

Vibration and Noise

We all want the car to run smoothly and comfortably, and we don’t have to face much anxiety. So, in this case, the diesel engine and its parts are heavier, with noise and a lot of vibration, in this modern era, where vehicles have become very comfortable. 

You will find that petrol engine cars are much quieter as compared to diesel cars.  So if you want the car to run comfortably and not be noisy, then go for the petrol engine car.

Maintenance cost

A few years ago, poor-quality diesel was sold in India. Due to this, the diesel engine vehicles had a lot of defective parts and were heavy on the pocket. But now the quality has improved a lot, but still, in terms of maintenance, petrol engines are very efficient compared to diesel.

If you want to keep affordable maintenance costs in your pocket. So petrol engine cars will be better.

Availability and price of spare parts

Diesel car parts are more expensive than petrol cars and sometimes hard to find. You may park your car for days due to missing pieces in the workshop or ordering from elsewhere. 

But many apps are active in India where you can find and check thoroughly wide varieties and original parts according to your vehicle and model. No doubt, these parts will be expensive compared to Petrol Cars.  

Price of fuels

  You can see the clear contrast in the price of fuels. In every country, diesel prices are higher than petrol. So, based on fuel price, buying a diesel petrol car is not viable. 

    And if noted, it will cost you one lakh rupees more than a petrol car.

Power and Torque

If you value torque, then a diesel engine is definitely more critical; in simple words, more torque makes overtaking easier at low speed. But if you talk about power output and speed, the petrol engine performs well. 

Resale Value

Sometimes we want to sell our vehicle in order to get a new car. So in that scenario, diesel engine cars have more resale value than petrol cars. 

Emission and prices contrast

Every vehicle on the road emits harmful gases that cause climate change. Diesel engine cars emit more lethal gases like carbon monoxide, sulfur, nitrogen, etc., which affects nature badly. 

Diesel engine cars are at much higher prices than petrol engine cars.    

Which car will be best for you

After reading this article you must have concluded which car will be better, but let me tell you more if you drive less than 1500 kilometers in a month, then petrol engine cars will be better for you and the driving is more than 20,000 kilometers then you can buy a diesel car. 

Lastly, if you are a beginner, then it’s advised to buy a petrol car. 

Final words 

Hopefully, you will get your answer with proper guidance. The petrol car is more powerful and efficient than the diesel car. You have read all the basic information. 

So let’s make up your mind and avail the offers. 

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