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Turn your rotten car of years in glitter gold and make her anti-scratch like a fresh new branded car. Or if you have a new lavish car and you are worried about not getting scratched or children mischievously damaging the car or the paint not looking old after a few months, this can be a magic bullet for you.

  Yes, you heard right! And it’s not a long or tedious process that spans a week. It will only take a couple of hours and will not be heavy on the pocket. Your dream car, which is faded now, will look young and fresh again as it was on the first day.

 So, protect your actual paint on the car with paint protection film. And the significant part is if you’re bored with the old look of your car, you can change it entirely to your desired tone. 

The ceramic coating fully secures your car from scrapes and rock chips. 

What is ceramic coating?

 Paint protection film or Ceramic coating is a silicon-based product. This fluid containing nanoparticles and these nanoscopic particles makes an inseparable bond with paint works on the car’s surface that can’t easily wash off like sealing or wax. 

Why is it crucial

You can get your dream car after a lot of difficulties, and if it is driven on the road without any cover or protection, it will also cause the car to look horrible, and its maintenance will cost a lot. So, the ceramic coating covers your genuine car paint a long way and gives a glamour like a shining star. 

How much it will take time?

From awful to a classy look, it nearly takes 48 hours to make your car flawless. The workshop will thoroughly wash your car before the primary process, and then the car will wash with different chemical compounds to give extra protection from rust or other destructive things that can harm your car.

 Then applied an IPS solution to make sure not a tiny mud particle remains deep down on the car’s surface. After all, a thin layer of ceramic coating fusion plus applied. 

How much will it last longs?

  If you have a brand new car of the latest model and go for ceramic coating, Then you don’t need to think for three to four years. After that, the shine may reduce a little, but the paper will not come off before five years. So, it is an extraordinary deal. 

Can It protect from deadly scratches or dents?

  No doubt, the thickness of the ceramic coating is enough to protect your car from deadly scratches or any other blow. If there is a scratch in any place, the expert crew will change the paper only from that place, and there will be no damage, and your paint will be alive and well. 

Of course, You may well know that dents on a car are caused by heat and cause damage, but here too, you need not worry in most cases when the cars are brought back to the workshop.

 And when the Workshop staff repaired it, the dents were only on the same coating, and the heat did not damage the actual paint. The car was perfectly safe.

How much does it cost?

It depends on running foot and is kept according to the size of your car. The coating rate is the same, but according to your vehicle, Ceramic coating will spend the amount of paper accordingly. It will depend on your range, no need to worry about anything. 

Will the coating melt at a hot temperature? 

Never, as we have seen many hot temperatures in some areas of India in summer, but this coating will keep your car out of danger.

Final Thought

Hopefully, this content could provide you all the basics. So let’s cover and safe your car from all the scratches. 

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