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Everything you need to know as a new car Driver.

We all have dreamed in our life since childhood of driving a car on the road. Though we achieve our dream much late in life and by hook or crook, we get better at it over time. But it is said, even professional drivers make mistakes. While enjoying a trip, we should also take care of our safety. Because if there is life, so is the world.

But in India, highways are dangerous places to drive in. 

 So we’re bringing to light the top qualities of an excellent driver. Make sure how many you have. 


One of the superb qualities of a good driver is that they can tackle every situation with a calm mind and heart. A skilled driver must have the quality to take the vehicle in every case in front of it. 

Before hitting the road

  Figure out the vehicle straight before knocking on the road. It’s strong advice to check out your car by a skillful mechanic and ensure you’re ready to take a start. 

And don’t forget to put your Stepney tire, a rope or chain, jack, and you’re going a long way, then keep a cane of fuel. And the most important thing, take a first aid box with you for the unexpected. 

Keep in mind the traffic rules.

   There are specific rules when you’re driving, and you must follow them for your safety and other drivers.

Speed limit

    In every city, speed limits are not the same as on highways. The speed limits are 50_60Kmh in India (not sure about other countries). But when you’re hitting the highway, increasing the speed limit to 90_100kph is recommended to stay safe.

In touch with fair lane

 Driving on a six-lane highway (three lanes in the direction in which you move and the three-lane on the opposite) The three lanes are:

  • Rightmost lane

It’s a fast lane for fast and overtaking vehicles like cars. 

  • Middle lane

If you’re moving at an average speed in your car, that’s for you. Move into this lane right after you’ve made an overtake. 

  • Leftmost lane

It’s for heavy vehicles like buses and trucks. 

Be careful while changing the lanes. Use your rear mirrors to look at the vehicles behind you. When you find the road is clear, then change the route. 

Use your indicators to address the traffic behind you that you’re going to change the lane. 

Avoid mental distress

While driving, mental diversion takes up to 3,152 people’s lives in 2020 alone. So, another consideration is always to keep your eyes on the road vigilantly. No texting, calling, or surfing on the radio channel and not chit-chat with friends in the backseat for a moment.  Accidents always happen due to a moment of carelessness, but if you’re wide awake, you’ll remain untouched from any misery.  The best tip for new car users is to take some time and set yourself before travelling, put your phone on Do Not Disturb mode, pick your favorite music, set your desired destination on GPS, and make sure every necessary call is finished. 

Check the weather

 Becoming stuck in extreme weather on a faraway journey can become a nightmare for you, and in that disaster, at the moment when you are stuck, you will not get instant help but will have to wait a long time. So observe the weather well before you make a start so that you won’t regret it later.

If you’re driving in rainy or foggy weather, slow down, keep the front lights on, and make plenty of room for other cars to avoid misadventure. Most significantly, if the weather conditions seem frightful, it’s advised not to go near on road until you’ve gotten the knack of the art of winter driving.

Don’t drive under the influence of drugs.

You are under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or lack of sleep while driving can lead to worse conditions. No one will tell how severe the consequences can be. Never do it. Your life is sporadic.

 If you have an emergency while on drugs, request rideshare or call your friend or loved one to take you where you need to be. 

Lastly, practice makes a man perfect, and always wear your seat belt.

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